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Brandon is a loyal member of the SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville team. Brandon excels in customer relations, and his primary focus will always be ensuring that the client is comfortable and knows everything will be all right with SERVPRO of Belle Meade/ West Nashville.


of SERVPRO Belle Meade / West Nashville


of SERVPRO Belle Meade / West Nashville

Get to know our Operations Support Supervisor!

Keith M.

Keith is an integral member of the SERVPRO of Belle Meade/West Nashville team where he excels on the operations side of things. Keith supports operations in several departments including fleet services, warehouse management, property management, and equipment maintenance. Additionally, he supports the office staff as well. Outside of work, Keith enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, playing the guitar, and shooting. 

Meet our Storm Restoration Supervisor, Jesus

Jesse V.

Jesse has spent much of his adult life working for the Forest Service. From 2000 until 2019, he has traveled all over North America fighting wildfires. He was on a hotshot crew for about seven years and on an engine for five years. (three of which he served as Captain!) He also spent about two and a half years as a Patrol Captain, and two and a half years as a Battalion Chief. 

From a management level, he has written several prescribed fire plans while budgeting millions of dollars and acres. Jesse’s experiences with the Forest Service have given him a passion for helping people and learning new things which he carries over to his work at SERVPRO. As our new storm damage restoration supervisor, Jesse continues to learn the ins and outs of the procedures we use and familiarize himself with our processes. With his growth mindset and collaborative attitude, Jesse is a perfect fit for our team! 

Meet one of our Restoration Technicians, Brantley Rehborn!

Brantley R.

As a restoration technician, Brantley’s job includes water damage inspections, setting and monitoring equipment, and damaged material demolition. He also specializes in mold containment and mold removal. With his hands in several areas of the company, we can say that Brantley is valuable to this SERVPRO team! 

Meet Sam Duggins, one of our restoration technicians!

Sam D.

Originally from Charlotte, NC, Sam has lived in Knoxville, Charleston, DelRay Beach, Greenville and Asheville before moving to Music City. An adventurous spirit, Sam packed his bags to take a chance on a new adventure in a new city after a call from one of his best friends telling him about a job in Nashville- and that’s where it all began! Sam is one of our restoration technicians specializing in storm and fire damage. Since he joined with us at the end of December, Sam loves being able to represent the high standard of quality that the SERVPRO brand represents. 

His favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to give a positive experience to a homeowner who has never dealt with a disaster. Whether it's a church that caught on fire and they are looking for a speedy repair to have service back in attendance, or a place of business that is underwater and needs immediate attention to get their business back to regular operations, Sam loves taking care of those in need as efficiently as possible. We’re happy to have Sam on our crew!

Meet our Restoration Supervisor, Margaret Anderson!

Margaret A.

Having been with the SERVPRO franchise for almost two years, (including the year she’s been with our franchise!) Margaret is our restoration supervisor who is certified in Fire Restoration. In a nutshell, her main responsibility includes ensuring that everyone on the team has all the necessary materials and equipment to perform the scope of work assigned for the shift. Additionally, she also supervises her team to complete all tasks necessary in an orderly and efficient progression until the job is finalized. An overachiever by nature, Margaret handles all client-facing requests by going above and beyond a client’s standards. An operations buff, Margaret provides documentation and detailed reports at the end of each shift to inform customers and adjusters of work completed.

A work experience that gave Margaret a sense of “why we do what we do” is when she provided services to a woman who had obtained a lot of fragile and valuable contents and furniture over time because she had lived in her house for over twenty years. She was very worried about the loss and having her house packed out. Margaret was able to gain her trust as she discussed and determined what contents and furniture the client would like to salvage from the loss. Margaret assured her that the team would take care of the pack out process and keep all items secure. When the team finished the pack out for the client, she was extremely relieved and appreciative.

In her personal time, Margaret appreciates the outdoors whether it be swimming, longboarding, or road sightseeing. She also enjoys traveling to places that she’s never been to or experienced, one of the places being the United Kingdom which she hopes to visit again someday.

Meet our Fire and Contents Technician, Zack Schutte!

Zack S.

Since he joined the SERVPRO team in September, Zack is responsible for a host of different operations at our company. As a fire and contents technician, he preps gear and equipment for projects, drives to the locations, and accomplishes assigned daily tasks wherever necessary. Outside of work, he enjoys video games, hiking, trail running, and camping. Zack also has ambitions to travel and he hopes his wanderlust will take him to Ireland, Germany, and Japan in the future!

Meet Our Restoration Technician, Jay Bieltz!

Jay B.

For the past six months, Jay has been significant in our day-to-day operations, and we value his know-how on all things restoration. Outside of SERVPRO, Jay is an avid golfer- you may even catch him on one of the golf courses in Nashville!

adienna peabody SERVPRO employee

Adienna P.

Adienna started at SERVPRO in July, 2021 as Administrative Assistant, but it quickly became apparent that she was exceptionally talented in multiple areas and was promoted to Executive Assistant to the Owner shortly thereafter. She adds tremendous value to our company and does it all with a servant's heart.

joey ellis SERVPRO

Joey E.

As a business development specialist, Joey’s main goal is to build relationships which will, in turn, build our business. Joey says his favorite part of the job is the hands-on approach to communicating with clients and potential clients. He loves building rapport because he genuinely cares about people. Joey also brings his valuable expertise from having been a General Manager for Verizon to leverage relationships and to engage with people. We’re happy to have Joey on our squad!

SERVPRO of Belle Meade

Amy M.

Currently serving in the role as Director of Administration, Amy McGinnis is charged with overseeing the day to day operations in the office including Human Resources and Accounting functions.  She has been a member of the team since February 2020.  Amy is a Nashville native and earned a BA from Belmont University.

SERVPRO of Belle Meade

Austin C.

Austin has been a SERVPRO team member since May 2018.  In his current role of Restoration Supervior, he oversees various jobs and mentors technicians who are starting out in the industry.  He holds a C14 license as well as a WRT certification from the IICRC.  

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